The contention of the Jodi Dean article today was that we are reaching some kind of cognitive, saturation point with what we can process and focus on long enough to parse. This is summed up in this quote:

“Describing a key contradiction of communicative capitalism, Franco Berardi writes, ‘If you want to survive you have to be competitive and if you want to be competitive you must be connected, receive and process continuously an immense and growing mass of data,’ and hence under constant soul-destroying pressure to keep up, stay alert, and remain motivated.”

I’ve really been feeling this a lot the past few days. What to do, where to focus, what to read or view, where to spend my time, what needs to be done for tomorrow, what can wait. In other words, “The hurriered I go, the behinder I get.” I recognize my limits for multi-tasking and I want to spend more time thinking about what we are talking about or viewing. I think I’ve reached the saturation point where I dream about this stuff, not well and definitely not coherently. I feel paralyzed and afraid that I don’t understand it. I avoid FaceBook because I know once I go there, I’m gone for a couple of hours.

These things I know and recognize. I recognize I have limits; however, in the world of work, there is always more to do, more to process, more to assimilate. How do you keep up? How do you choose where to devote your finite amount of time and energy? When do you unplug, recharge, and re-energize?